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Recent Firmware History:

Version: 4.51
Bug Fixes
1. Fixed issue where Text Entry object causes panel lockup.
2. Fixed issue with Productivity Serial/Ethernet driver that caused the panel to lockup when it encountered a Float value of "NaN" in the PLC.

Version: 4.50
1) Support for new EA3-T6CL with new LCD.

Bug Fixes
1) PLC-001 Timeout with Allen Bradley DF1 driver

Version: 4.40
1) Install files have Digital Signature

Bug Fixes
1. DH-485 - Fast Screen change causes bits to be set in panel
2. EA3-T4CL power up ARP announcement uses incorrect source MAC address
3. Text Entry (String Write) Error to new MicroLogix 1100 (PLC498: Error code 0x100000)
4. Firmware Update EA3-T4CL over Ethernet - Firmware Update window never opens

Version: 4350000

Bug Fixes
1. Error 499, PLC code 0002 Productivity Remote IO on P2-RS
2. Panel Manager - EA3-T6CL Portrait Mode selection causes Panel Type to be blank
3. Software forces user to Save Project that was opened and not changed
4. Changing screens too quickly causes panel to crash
5. Pressing Inc/Dec object quickly causes Auto increment to stick
6. Panel may not connect to PLC over Ethernet when powered up - P001:PLC Timeout

Version: 4320100

Bug Fixes
1. Firmware Updates randomly fail
2. Simulator Crashes in Windows 10
3. Ethernet ARP and SYN network timers optimized
4. Corrected Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 EtherNet/IP TCP Retry sequence

Version: 4310000
Bug Fixes
1. Dynamic Text not showing text when triggered
2. IP Address entered in system screen does not display correctly
3. Cannot open Panel Manager with some projects - software crashes
4. Simulator crashes when closing in Windows 10

Version: 4300001
New Features

1. Support for EA3-S3ML-R and ES3-S3ML-RN
2. Support for new protocols (for Ethernet models)

i. Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP Client (MicroLogix 1100/1400)
ii. Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP Client (SLC5/05/ENI Adapter)


1. Converting from EA1-S6ML to EA1/EA3-T6CL makes text blurry with greenish tint

Bug Fixes
1. DESG 14 CLASS Font with 3" Micro Numeric Display causes Simulator to crash and panel to lockup
2. Numeric Display and Entry do not show decimal place with DESG 14 CLASS Font

Version: 04210000

1. Security Update

Version: 04200000
New Features
1. Support for EA3-T4CL and EA3-S3ML

Bug Fixes
1. Using AutomationDirect EA-ECOM with Retries = 0 causes a constant PLC Time Out
2. Connection to GE VersaMax PLC with SNP-X protocol not working
3. The DPI Setting of Windows influences the font size of the numerical value of the Numeric Entry Object after transferring the project to the panel.

1. Import Tag Name Database improved with the addition of Append Text and multiple device support

Version: 04100000
Productivity Driver – Boolean data type issues wrong function code

Version: 0400004
Bug Fix:
Productivity Driver - Panel may write values to the wrong PLC address

Version: 0400003
New Features
1. Windows 10 Compatibility
2. Support for EA-ECOM Ethernet Module for EA3 series panels
3. Added Click Ethernet Driver
4. Added DirectLogic Ethernet Driver
5. Added Do-More Ethernet Driver
6. Added Productivity Series Ethernet Driver
7. Added Modbus TCP/IP Driver

1. Productivity Driver - support bit of word for Integer and BCD data types

Version: 3610001
Bug fixes
1. Serial communications have slowed compared to version 3.51
2. For the Do-more driver, under some circumstances an object displays an incorrect value.

Version: 3600000
Supports EA3-T6Cl
See Readme.pdf for complete list

Version: 3510003
1. Under some circumstances the Recipe Object may cause the software on the PC to crash
2. The values assigned to function keys on the EA3-T8CL and EA3-T10CL panels are incorrect
3. In the Panel Manager configuration window, when the Panel Type is changed to EA1-S6ML, Frame Style is Blank

Version: 3510001

Version: 3500001
-supports EA3-T8CL and EA3-T10CL
-New Text Entry Object

Bug fixes:
-P3000, PLC Enquiry Test fails without trying.
-Do-more Driver: Error codes coming back from PLC are displayed incorrectly on panel
-Opening Recipe Button Object causes application error

Version: 03220000
New Feature
1. This version supports Windows 8 operating system

Version: 03210200
1. This version reapplies the fix for “Visibility option doesn't always correctly display objects when panel is initially powered” which was fixed in version 3.21 Build 0.00, but missing from 3.21 Build 1.00
2. Tag Names should be limited to 40 Characters by the Tag Name Add/Edit dialog
3. Internal 'String' Tags do not work correctly.
4. Simulator doesn't update embedded tags in Lookup Text object

Version: 03210100
This version corrects the details of a file in the installation that cause some antivirus products to incorrectly flag the software as harmful.

Version: 032100000
New features
1. Support for DoMore PLC
Bug Fixes
2. Visibility option doesn't always correctly display objects when panel is initially powered
3. Micro Uninstall process shows "Uninstalling USB Driver," but the USB driver does not uninstall.
4. Correct errors in Object Help text for Radio Button
5. Dynamic bitmap objects are changed when project is upgraded from ver 2.31 to
6. Function Key Object moves when project is updated from version 2.31 to
7. GUI-100 Error is generated by exporting Message DB.
8. The completion Messagebox(Export Completed) is not given after the error Messagebox(GUI-100).
9. Library Import window minimum size is not set in the software

Version: 3200000
11/2/2011 Version 3.20 Build 0.0
New features
1.Support for component changes in 3” and 6” STN panels. The panels with the new components are identified by Hardware revision on the product and product package labels. 3” STN panels with hardware revision 4.0 and 6” STN panels with hardware revision 5.0

Bug Fixes
2.Double word data type such as Floating PT may not display correct value in simulator
3.Simulator is not working correctly, when using registers of FLOAT and Double Word on P3000.
4.Miscalculated tag memory space
5.If a screen identification number is large, the screen won’t save to screen library
6.Recipe object will not write more than ten ASCII String tags.

7.Change version notes Readme file format from Readme.txt to Readme.pdf
8.On EA1-T4CL, correct the text alignment in the password dialog box.

Version: 3010000
Bug Fixes
1. Simulator tag list is not created when the windows decimal separator is a comma instead of a period
2. Simulator changes numeric display to incorrect value after changing adjacent register value
3. P3000 driver does not correctly handle multiple block requests.

Version: 3000000
1. Support for EA1-T4CL.
2. New system fonts: 4x6, 8x32, 8x64, 16x32, 16x64 and 32x64
3. Add of 'Range' option for'Increment/Decrement Value' object.
4. Add 'Auto Increment or Decrement' feature for 'Increment/Decrement Value' object.

Version: 2630000
1. Using momentary push button to cause PLC to Panel screen change with CLICK sometimes causes the panel to hang up until power cycled
2. DirectNet 330/340: Writing to control bits is off by 1 word

Version: 2620003
Corrects a timing bug in the DH-485 driver

Version: 2620002
New features
1. Add folder for sample projects that will install with the software.

Bug Fixes
1. Momentary pushbuttons do not work
2. Smaller fonts do not work for numeric objects
3. Alarm does not clear from panel even though associated PLC bit is off
4. When saving project to USB pin drive and remove pin drive while project is open the tags and message database disappear.
5. Bar Graph Object divisions do not appear properly when the data is Floating Point and the range is very large
6.When certain screens are copied and pasted into a project a very large number of times, an error may occur.
7.When many screens are deleted, the Screen Preview does not update properly
8. Message Database default attributes sometimes do not appear correctly in the Message Database table.
9. Function Object on portrait mode screens so not import properly into a Landscape mode project.
10. Recipe Object does not deal properly with source data that does not match the type of destination data.
11. Panel does not properly react to Panel to PLC address that does not exist in the PLC.
12. the Tab Index dialog box sometimes does not display correctly
13. Import Project Data does not import object font information correctly.
14. The software does not display the correct error message for filenames that exceed 255 characters.
15. Modbus inter-character timing for EA1-T6Cl exceeds Modbus spec
16. Select RS485 = YES causes Modbus and other protocols to not work.
17. After changing panel type from color to mono, some objects are not shown properly.
18. In some cases Panel Manager does not show the com. port # correctly
19. In some cases Increment/Decrement Value object 'Text Color' can not be changed .

Version: 2600000
Version 2.60 is not available for customer download

4/14/2010 Version 2.60 Build 00.00

New features
1. New Tri-State Switch Object
2. New Radio Button Object
3. Visibility option has been added to all objects
4. Transparent option has been added to bitmap objects, for EA1-T6CL only
5. Driver for Productivity3000
6. Driver for GS Drives
7. Driver for SOLO temperature controllers
8. Panel setup screen includes Panel Model Number

1. Path is pre-populated for the Firmware Upgrade utility
2. Recently accessed projects are listed at the bottom of the File Dropdown Menu
3. Modbus function codes 05/15 and 06/16 are selectable
4. Operating systems supported include Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and support for Windows Vista now includes 64 bit
5. Allen Bradley DF1 Addressing is expanded to accept I1:0.0 to I1:30.255 and O0:0.0 to O0:30.255
6. GE SNPX driver allows %I and %Q data types to be read/write
7. For projects created in version 2.60 and later: When the software saves a backup version of a project that was last saved in a previous version, the version number that is appended to the new file name will match the version number of the software where the project was last saved.

Bug Fixes
1. Screen sorter in screen library - dragging and dropping does not work in Windows Vista
2. Bar Graph object does not display properly when the fill is Dot Pattern
3. Bar graph object does not behave as expected when overlapping the display area boundary

Version: 2510000
Fixed issues:
Simulator does not simulate recipe object tags
Numeric Display object with floating point data does not display properly
Negative floating point values are not treated properly or consistently
Project Data from projects created in version 2.50 cannot be Imported into other projects
Software will not save projects fro EA1-T6CL larger than about 1800 KB
Run Time Compiler Issue with Customer project

Version: 2500000
Version 2.50 includes support for EA1-T6CL, updates to the simulator, new Multi-State Bitmap Object, updates to other graphics and objects to support the EA1-T6CL, and bug fixes listed in the readme.txt

Version: 2310000
Bug Fix (from the current Ver.

1. Panel Locks up when using the CLICK PLC Driver and pressing the F1+F5 keys to access System Screen

Version: 2300000
See the Release Notes for more details:

1. Improvements for beep behavior. See the Release Notes for details.
2. Numeric Entry - Add "Clear Entry" selection - that clears the entry field when the keypad opens.
3. Allen Bradley driver support enhancements (Add Long data type, String data type and Allen Bradley CSV import)
4. Function Key LED - Eliminate or reduce the blink time when changing screen
5. Limit C-more Tag data type selection for Allen-Bradley data type combinations

Bugs Fix (from the current Ver.
1. Siemens PPI, Problem with Recipe using 32 bit tags.
2. csv files created when the Windows Regional setting is somewhere other than USA use semicolon to separate fields
3. CSV import differences between C-more and C-more Micro
4. Dynamic Bitmap object does not display 1-pixel-wide bitmap properly
5. Simulation problem: AB drivers (DH485 and DF1), Timer/Counter .ACC/.PRE does not work in Simulation on PC
6. Numeric Display object appears to allow font to be larger than 32x32 but panel displays as 32x32
7. Windows font smoothing option is cleared by Micro software
8. Message Database allows too many embedded tags.

Version: 2200000
This version adds support for a new Mitsubishi driver for the FX series 1N(C)/2N(C)/3U(C) CPUs.

Bugs Fixed:
1. Read Only Project File - Will not transfer to panel
2. Protected Project can not be transferred if objects are overlapping
3. C-more Micro Import Tag Database is less capable than C-more
4. Regional Language Settings - Dutch - Causing Error '5000.'?????????
Please review the README file that comes with the software for more details.

Version: 2010001
This is Full Release. Firmware File is available with Software Download Only.

Bugs Fixed in ver
1) PTC-015 error associated with Vista error "KERegServer.exe not found"
2) Indicator Light - Inverse for ON and Normal for OFF - Text is not visible

New Driver Support (available in ver
- AutomationDirect CLICK
- Mitsubishi Q/QnA series

Bugs Fixed in ver
Sharing violation EA_.mdb when saving project file

Version: 2010000
This is Full Release. Firmware File is available with Software Download Only.

New Driver Support:
- AutomationDirect CLICK
- Mitsubishi Q/QnA series

Bugs Fixed:
Sharing violation EA_.mdb when saving project file

Version: 2000000
This is Full Release. Firmware File is available with Software Download Only.

New Hardware:
1) C-more 6” Micro Panels
- EA1-S6ML

2) C-more 6" Micro Bezels
- EA-MG6-BZ2

New Features:
1) Support for up to 16 alarms
2) Line Graph Object
3) Real Time Graph Object
4) Analog Meter Object

- New Numeric Entry Object Style 3 - Style 3 requires an optional keypad bezel.
- Enhanced labeling of the function key object for 6" panels.
- Version 2.0 is Microsoft Vista compatible.

Bugs Fixed:
- Panel to PLC tags do not map correctly in the simulator.
- Tag Name Export to XLS creates an extra quote character on tags beginning with a number.
- EA-MG-SP1 RXD status LED does not light.
- Export Screen Image with Object Name does not include object name.
- Bar Graph Object does not display actual value.
- Numeric Display Object and Numeric Entry Object do not make Fractional
number of Digits selection unavailable when “Use Tag for Decimal Point” is selected.
- 'Loop Back Test' and 'PLC Enquiry Test' are not displayed correctly.
- GE SNPX driver: Please allow the I, Q, AI, AQ data types to be Read/Write

Version: 01110651A
This firmware release corrects:

- a periodic PLC Timeout associated with DL 06 and 260 PLC's.
- "Sticky" Momentary Pushbutton bug.

- Panel lockups associated with pressing the function keys and bezel buttons too quickly.

Unzip the file to the \C-more Micro\Firmware folder and use the C-more Micro programming software to update the firmware in your panel.

Version: 1500811
This is a Full Release. Firmware File is avalilable with Software Download Only

New Hardware:
1) C-more Micro High Contrast White Screen Models

New Features:
1) New Driver Support:
- Allen-Bradley DH485
- Siemens S7-200 PPI

2) Additional Fonts
- 32x16
- 32x32

- Bar Graph - Target Line Added

Bugs Fixed:

- Screen Password Entry - While entering a screen password, the password characters are visible.
- Floating Point - Floating point value in C-more Micro is different from Floating Point value in the PLC.
- Import Tagname Database - Tags will not import into C-more Micro if comma is missing at end of line
- Graphic Library - Add Graphic to Graphic Library DialogBox Broke
- Frames different between C-more Micro Panel and Programming Software.
- Bar Graph - Floating Point setting always changes back to 1 when closing the configuation dialog box and reopening
- Project Memory Size calculation error
- Function Object - Function Labels displaying text that was defined for other screens

Version: 1200740
10/17/2007 - Version 1.2 Build 7.40

New Features:

1) New Driver Support:
- GEFanuc SNPX supports VersaMAx, VersaMax Micro, Micro 90
- Increase available SRAM for increased number of tags by 4 times

Bugs Fixed:
- Numeric Entry - Simulator and Panel act differently whe entering numbers
- Blank Green Screen - Required F2-F4 Reset factory defaults to clear
- Project Option - does not keep the Backup/Save settings
- Tag Name Import from Directsoft - spaces not allowed
- Numeric Display - SW does not display the position of values properly

Version: 1200724
Full Release

New Features:

1) New Driver Support:

- GEFanuc 90/30 SNPX
- OMRON Host Link Adapter
- Mitsubishi FX
- Think & Do Modbus
- Touch Panel Test

2) Touch Panel Test on SETUP MENU

- File format and Check sum enhancement for EEPROM Failures; To Prevent Green Blank Screen
- Changed Protocol Name Text in panel to 2 lines to make more readable

Bugs Fixed:
- Screen change pushbuttons are getting cut off in panel but look normal in software

Version: 01120715 A
Full Release

Bugs Fixed

- Shape Objects not displaying on panel

Version: 01120715
Firmware version is shipping with the present software release; 1.12 Build 7.15 downloadable from the website at:

The firmware is only available with the software download.

Features and Improvements added to this release are:

New Object - Scroll Text (128 Char)
New feature - Dynamic Text has Scroll Text Option (40 char)
New feature – Lookup Text has Scroll Text Option (128 char)
New feature – Support Multiple PLC Node connection on EA-MG-SP1 Port 2
Support for Internal Tags on the panel (PLC Address Not Required)
Display Hourglass instead of “Loading Screen” message

Version: 01110651B
This firmware release corrects:

- "Sticky" Momentary Pushbutton

- When using Koyo Modbus and Panel<-> PLC, "Send Current Key Status", Panel can lockup when a function key is pressed.

Unzip the file to the \C-more Micro\Firmware folder and use the C-more Micro programming software to update the firmware in your panel.

Version: 01110651
Firmware version is shipping with the present software release. This version includes Allen Bradley DF1 protocols for Micrologix, SLC and PLC5 along with updated Help Files. This release also corrects a few miscellaneous bugs. Please review the README file that comes with the software for more details.

Unzip the file to the \C-more Micro\Firmware folder and use the C-more Micro programming software to update the firmware in your panel.

Version: 01010639
Initial Release