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Question: Is Pointer addressing prohibited for analog modules located in Remote bases?
Answer: Yes - you cannot use the pointer method in remote bases that have analog cards.

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Question: Can you use an F2-04THM and another analog module in a local DL-205 PLC system?
Answer: Yes.
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Question: Is the analog setup for D2-250, D2-250-1 or D2-260 pointer method the same as for D2-240?
Answer: Yes.
FAQ ID: 86
Question: Does your line of EBCs support thermocouple input modules?
Answer: Yes.
FAQ ID: 592
Question: Is a D2-230 capable of analog inputs?
Answer: A: Yes you may use analog inputs with the D2-230.
FAQ ID: 787
Question: What are the color codes for American/Canadian thermocouples?
Answer: All American/Canadian Thermocouples follow the ANSI color standard for wire coloration. Jacket color may sometimes be the main wire color, but it is not a dependable means of thermocouple type.

Type J - White/Red

Type E - Purple/Red

Type K - Yellow/Red

Type T - Brown/Red

Type N - Orange/Red

Red is always Negative.

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