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Question: Can the DL205 handle an encoder input and drive a stepper motor at the same time?
Answer: The D2-CTRINT cannot perform both input and output functions at the same time. The H2-CTRIO2 can handle both input and output functions at the same time. Please remember the D2-CTRINT MUST be in the slot next to the CPU (slot 0) and the H2-CTRIO2 *cannot* be in slot 0. Multiple H2-CTRIO2 cards are allowed per base, please check you power budget.

FAQ ID: 59
Question: Is there a way to change the current count of a counter while it's counting?
Answer: Yes,all you would need to do is LD a value to the Current count of the Counter. I.E. If using CT0 you could LD the value to V1000. If using CT1 you would LD the value to V1001.
(Exception: CT174 and CT176 with CTRINT and counting functions of the H2-CTRIO)
FAQ ID: 65
Question: Can the D2-CTRINT do up/down counting with a single input?
Answer: needs a quadrature encoder to do up/down counting.
FAQ ID: 75
Question: How many outputs on a D2-CTRINT are analog?
Answer: None are analog.
FAQ ID: 80
Question: Is there a DL-305 equivalent of the D2-CTRINT?
Answer: No.
FAQ ID: 87
Question: Are the A NOT / B NOT functions available in the H2-CTRIO module?
Answer: Yes.
FAQ ID: 90
Question: Does the D2-Ctrint need a load when testing the Pulse Output?
Answer: Yes, 500 Ohm should work fine.

FAQ ID: 322
Question: Does the D2-Ctrint work with Think & Do?
Answer: No, but the H2-CTRIO does.

FAQ ID: 324
Question: Using the D2-250-1, is it possible to output a dc voltage pulse of 9 ms 13 times and a 13 ms pulse 10 times?
Answer: No.
FAQ ID: 387
Question: What is the output voltage of the D2-CTRINT?
Answer: 5VDC. This must be supplied by an external source.
FAQ ID: 593
Question: Will any of your Counter Cards support WINPLC?
Answer: Yes, the H2-CTRIO is supported by the WinPLC platform in versions 5.4 and 6.x or newer of Think & Do.
FAQ ID: 594
Question: Can I use more than one quadrature counter on a D2-CTRINT?
Answer: No, if you need multiple quadrature encoders you will need to use the H2-CTRIO card(s).
FAQ ID: 656
Question: Can the D2-CTRINT control two stepper motors or only one?
Answer: No, only one.
FAQ ID: 698
Question: Can the D2-CTRINT be manually addressed to other than X0-7 and Y0-7?
Answer: No it cannot.
FAQ ID: 751
Question: In a D2-230 what register is the count accumulated in for CTRINT?
Answer: A: CTA76
FAQ ID: 785
Question: In a D2-240/250-1/260 what register is the count accumulated in for CTRINT?
Answer: A: CTA174 for Channel 1, CTA176 for Channel 2.
FAQ ID: 786
Question: Can I control a servo motor with a DirectLOGIC PLC?
Answer: Yes. The DL205 PLC with its counter/pulse output module (H2-CTRIO) has four independently configurable timer/counter channels (up to 100kHz) and two pulse output generators (up to 25 kHz).
FAQ ID: 940
Question: How can I make the CTRIO2 output wave form more stable?
Answer: Due to the 10x higher speeds of CTRIO2 modules, the waveform isn't as forgiving as a CTRIO module was.
It might be necessary to use the following circuit if you notice differences between a CTRIO and CTRIO2 module being used as a replacement.

R: 10 to 50 ohms, C: 22nF (0.022 F)
Connect the R & C in series, then connect that across the CTRIO2 outputs (preferably at the stepper's inputs instead of just right at the CTRIO2's outputs).
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