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Question: Can the DL205 communicate to the DL305 or DL405 CPU's?
Answer: Yes, the DL205 CPU's can communicate with the DL305 and DL405 CPU's. The D2-230 can be a slave using the D2-DCM (Data Communications Module). The D2-240 can be a master/slave by using the D2-DCM or the H2-ECOM(-F) (Ethernet Communication Module). Also, the D2-240 can be a slave by using the bottom port on the CPU. The D2-250-1 and D2-260 can be a master/slave by using either the D2-DCM, the bottom port on the CPU or the H2-ECOM(-F).

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Question: Which DL205 CPUs support the H2-ECOM(100) in their base?
Answer: The D2-240, D2-250(-1), D2-260, and D2-262 will support the H2-ECOM(100). The D2-230 does not support the H2-ECOM(100).
FAQ ID: 58
Question: Can the DL205 be used on a Modbus network?
Answer: The D2-240, D2-250(-1), D2-260, and D2-262 can be used on a Modbus network. The D2-250(-1), D2-260, and D2-262 bottom port can be set to Modbus master/slave. Also, the DCM module can act as a Modbus slave when used with the D2-240 or D2-250(-1), D2-260, orD2-262. The Modbus RTU (hex) protocol is supported.

The D2-230 cannot be used on a Modbus network.
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Question: Does the DL250 bottom port (port 2) support 2 wire + ground (RS-485) networks?
Answer: No, the bottom port of the D2-250 does not support 2 wires + ground (RS-485) networks.
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Question: Where can I find information on how to connect 205 I/O to a 405 master?
Answer: You will need to look at the D4-REMIO-M manual. There are no differences in the 205 and 405 remote; the setup is almost identical.
FAQ ID: 68
Question: Does the DL205 series support DNP 3.0 protocol?
Answer: At this time, it does not.
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Question: How do I write ASCII code for inverter to comm port on a D2-240?
Answer: You cannot; we do not support ASCII in to the CPU. The D2-260 and D2-262 will allow ASCII in, you can use those PLCs or a F2-CP128.

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Question: Can I use a modem to bottom port of D2-250-1 using K-seq?
Answer: Yes, set the port parity to None or Even.
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Question: What do I need to read a barcode input?
Answer: Use a DL205 with an F2-CP128 module. The other option is to use a D2-260 CPU, which supports ASCII in on port 2. Barcoder scanners are typically ASCII out with 232 comm.
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Question: Can a D2-240 do ASCII in and out?
Answer: No, you must use an F2-CP128 for this case or a D2-260 CPU
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Question: Will the H2-ECOM-F work in the same base with a D2-CTRINT?
Answer: Yes.
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Question: Do you offer precision resistors?
Answer: At this time we do not.
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Question: Can the D2-240 and D2-250 do Directnet?
Answer: Yes on both ports, top ports are 9600 baud only though.
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Question: Using a D2-250, can you access a V memory through modbus?
Answer: Yes. There is a section in manual on pg. 4-20 that gives the equivalent.
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Question: Can the DL205 family communicate via Ethernet?
Answer: Yes, you will need a H2-ECOM for this. Exception is the D2-230 CPU.
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Question: What type connectors are on the H2-ECOM?
Answer: Ethernet = RJ-45
FAQ ID: 325
Question: Do we have Profibus protocol in the DL205?
Answer: Yes. We offer the H2-PBC Profibus Slave Base Controller. You can view the H2-PBC-M manual in the documentation section for details. This unit operates as a slave only and replaces the CPU in the DL205 rack.

Note: The H2-PBC was discontinued in 2017
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Question: Will F2-DEVNET support the AB PLC?
Answer: Yes.
FAQ ID: 328
Question: Can you configure a D2-250-1 port for remote I/O and other protocols at the same time?
Answer: No, when configured for remote I/O, it is dedicated to remote I/O.
FAQ ID: 386
Question: Will the Dsdata server link to the H2-EBC base controller?
Answer: Not directly. The DSData Server can link to PLC CPU's. If the PLC has an ERM connected to an EBC, then DSDAta could get data derived from modules in the EBC rack.
FAQ ID: 389
Question: Can you do 2 way ASCII on port 2 of the D2-250-1?
Answer: No. The 250-1 only supports ASCII OUT on Port 2. The DL06, D2-260, and D2-262 support ASCII IN/OUT on Port 2.
FAQ ID: 390
Question: Will the F2-UNICON support the D2-240?
Answer: Yes, using the bottom port.
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Question: Does the H2-ECOM module have SNMP support?
Answer: No. It only supports TCP/IP and IPX/SPX.
FAQ ID: 468
Question: What is the smallest PLC that has Ethernet capability?
Answer: The Click, Do-More, and Productivity series have built-in ethernet capability. AutomationDirect PLCs

For DirectLogic PLCs, you will need to add the additional Hx-ECOM100 module to the base.
FAQ ID: 556
Question: Do we have any examples of how to connect a D2-250-1 or D2-260 to a printer?
Answer: Yes, it is on our Tech Support page at AN-D05-001 This example is for a DL05 PLC, but it will work for a 06, 250(-1), 260, and 262 CPUs as well.
FAQ ID: 591
Question: Will the ISONET work with bottom port of the D2-240?
Answer: Yes.

FAQ ID: 596
Question: Using my laptop, I'm having trouble linking up to port 2 on the D2-240 / D2-250-1 / D2-260 PLC. Where can I start trouble-shooting?
Answer: Start by using Port 1 of the PLC. Port 1 has fixed port parameters, that can not be changed. The parameters are:
  • 9600 baud
  • odd parity
  • 8 data bits
  • 1 stop bit.
Once connected through Port 1, you can check the configuration of Port 2 by going to "PLC >> Set up >> Setup Secondary Com Port"
FAQ ID: 626
Question: Will the D2-DCM function in an EBC base?
Answer: Not at this time.
FAQ ID: 654
Question: Does the D2-250 have ASCII in capabilities?
Answer: No it does not. The D2-250-1 has ASCII OUT, and the D2-260 and D2-262 has ASCII IN/OUT.
FAQ ID: 658
Question: Can any ADC products communicate with Modbus Plus?
Answer: No.
FAQ ID: 696
Question: Will the H2-ECOM support peer-to-peer communications?
Answer: Yes.
FAQ ID: 699
Question: Can I use a modem to top port of a D2-250-1?
Answer: Yes, but you need a modem that can be configured to use odd parity.
FAQ ID: 806
Question: Is it possible to use the H0/H2/H4-ECOMS Ethernet modules with Routers on a network.
Answer: In general, assuming you only have a router or gateway, you need only give the ECOM an IP address that is valid on the remote side of the router. Sometimes you need to create a mapping in the router itself that allows IP traffic through the router to the ECOMs IP address, sometimes you need to specify the port number (0x7070), most of the times not.

Then, in DirectSOFT, when you create the link, you specify the ECOM's IP address, then your PC uses it's IP address, it's Netmask and the ECOM's IP address to determine that the ECOM is not on the local network, and it the goes to the Gateway to see if it can find the ECOM's IP address, which it can.

This process is most likely going to be different everywhere you try it. If you have a Proxy Server with the Gateway, you'll likely make a UDP mapping in the Proxy Server software to allow the traffic through. And each proxy software server package is going to be different. It can be done, but the specific information on how to do it will vary with each particular situation.

You should contact your local IT person who manages the network at your site. They should know your network's configuration and how best to make the connection function.
FAQ ID: 903
Question: What port is used for Modbus TCP for the ECOM100 modules?
Answer: The ECOM100 has port 502 set by default, it can only be changed if the ECOM100 is used as Client(master).
FAQ ID: 1189