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Question: Is the DL205 base power supply fused?
Answer: Yes, with a 2A@250V slow blow fuse. However, the base power supply fuse is non-replaceable, so an external fuse is recommended.

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Question: What is the torque specification for the terminal blocks on the 205 modules?
Answer: 8-point modules: 0.882 Nm (0.060 lb-ft)
16-point modules: 0.3 Nm (0.021 lb-ft)

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Question: What are the ratings on the internal power supply on D2-06B-1?
Answer: 24VDC, 300 mA
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Question: Are the internal power supplies included on the DL205 family bases?
Answer: Yes.
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Question: Is the D2-12TR fused ?
Answer: Yes, it is fused and the fuse is replaceable.
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Question: Do we recommend a UPS for the DL205 system?
Answer: A UPS may be used with our DL205 PLCs, but we do not recommend any particualr brand of UPS. However, the faster the switching capabilities of the UPS, the better.
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Question: Are the commons on D2-12TR isolated from each other?
Answer: Common CA and CB are isolated from each other, however, the relays are grouped in banks of 6. Each group has a separate common.
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Question: Does the 6 slot base have 2600mA and 300mA / 24VDC power supply?
Answer: Yes. It is the same as the 9 slot base.
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Question: Do you have TTL level input signals on the DL205?
Answer: Yes, use the D2-32ND3-2 input module.
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Question: What fuses can I use with the D2-12TR?
Answer: D2-FUSE-4 is the correct size.
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Question: What is the A/B switch on the D2-12TR used for?
Answer: It is used because there is not enough space on the D2-12TR for 12 LEDs. When the switch is in the A position, the LEDs indicate the status of the first bank of 6 outputs. When the switch is in the B position, the LEDs indicate the status of the second bank of 6 outputs.
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Question: What is the maximum altitude that your PLC can operate?
Answer: Our PLC can function at altitudes up to 5000 meters (16,404 feet). Page 2-8 of the D2-USER-M Ch 2 will show details of CPU Specs.
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