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Version: 6.40
New Features

1) Support for EA9-T10WCL and EA9-T15CL-R
2) Added Screen Capture Quality setting in Event Manager
3) Added Screen Capture Time Stamp and folder structure to allow multiple screen captures to be saved
4) Added Random Password Keypad position selection to Panel Manager
5) External Device folder structure created in PC Documents folder for Simulation: C:Users%User%DocumentsAutomationDirectC-moreSimulationDefault


1) Security Update

Bug Fixes


1) Do-more Symbolic Driver: String data of even lengths shows old data
2) Do-more Serial Built-In Memory driver, "PLC-029: MemVer ERR HMI:1 PLC: XXXXXXXXX" error displayed incorrectly when Transmit is direct looped back to Receive. Should be a "PLC-009: Different function code received from PLC" error instead.
3) Project screen is not redrawn after using CLEAR ALL command on system screen for External Device such as SD Card or USB drive.


1) Sound Event â?? â??Error OBJ-020: Select Sound Fileâ?? displayed even though sound file is already selected

Version: 6.32

1) Security Update

Bug Fixes


1) Button on Background Screen will not toggle if Clock Source Seconds Tag is configured in Clock Source window


1) Project Transfer Window takes a long time to open when project was opened from Network Drive that is no longer connected
2) Tag Name Database - Fill Down does not work with Allen Bradley Drivers (DF1, DH-485) Integers and Floating Point
3) Screen Library will not import screen

Version: 6.31
New Features

1) Support for Do-more Symbolic Addressing
2) Circle Meter added to Bar Meter Object
3) Import Project Data imports Project User Defined Keypads
4) Support 32 bit Bitmap format


1) Productivity PLC Driver – added support for bit of word
2) GE Protocols – Extend Address range
3) Address Book - Support the + character at the beginning of an email address
4) Panel Tab selections are active even when there is not a project is not open
5) When a project is Read from Panel, alert user that project isn't saved before closing software
6) PLC Protocols – Added S7-1500 to Siemens S7 300/400/1200 (Ethernet ISO over TCP)
7) Import Project Data - Improved Screen Selection
8) Tag Name Add - Keep the last device selected as the default device



1) Data Logging - RTE-004 Error instead of overwriting oldest files when reaching 999 files
2) Alarm Banner Line feed needs to break at the word not the letter
3) Ethernet Connection Setup - Broadcast browse message does not get reply from panel
4) Ethernet Connection Setup - Browse message contains wrong source IP in some PC setups
5) Font Size Adjustment takes very long time is property list is open
6) Sound Action does not work when Beep in disabled in Panel Manager


1) When a Popup Window including a grouped object is copied to the display screen software crashes
2) Deleting screen with a Popup Window Frame crashes software
3) Allen Bradley ST Tags not importing

Version: 6.30
New Features

1) Support for EA9-T7CL and EA9-T7CL-R panels
2) Property List Improvements
3) Changes in EtherNet/IP ControlLogix Setup to support Allen Bradley 1756-L8x series

Bug Fixes


1)PLC-to-Panel, Switch to Screen Number, screen change at startup causes object to not update.
2) Indicator Pushbutton does not show the correct pressed state
3) Not calibrating Touch Screen causes NO USER PROJECT to be displayed after power cycle even
though a project was successfully transferred to panel
4) Mouse Cursor – Disappears with Call Recipe Object
5) System Screen – Test Comm Port – Showing Serial 2 and Serial 3 tabs for EA9-T6CL-R model


1)Siemens s7-200 (Ethernet :ISO over TCP/IP) settings not retained
2) Print Preview - Tag Database is missing one line between pages
3) Screen Selector - Changing Screen Selector screen list causes software to crash
4) Screen Selector - Changing Screen Selector Column/ Row number causes software to crash
5) Object Layer List - Hidden Objects are not listed correctly when project is first opened
6) Objects can created with the same object name
7) Recipe Sheet - Cannot rename tag names saved in recipe sheet
8) Recipe Sheet – Siemens DB memory type causes an error
9) Sound – Error OBJ-020 when sound is selected in object
10) Print Preview - Moving Setup property is reverse shows incorrect setting
11) Toolbars cannot be reopened after being closed
12) Font selection - Classic Font size selection not retentive

Version: 6.21
Bug Fixes


1) Screen Update Issue - Data not updating when screen is changed by PLC
2) GE Ethernet SRTP driver: Session Request OPEN to Rx3i fails
3) Email - garbled characters of subject
4) Message Box - Always beeps when OK is selected even though Beep us disabled in panel manager
5) Panel locks up when entering Screen Password
6) Text Object may not show Byte Swapped Text when using the Webserver
7) The panel may lockup when a keypad is opened from a remote application
8) Skipping Calibration Screen causes No User Program to be displayed after power cycle


1) Language Export with Multistate Text Indicator, Step Switch, Tristate Switch and Valve Indicator missing rows
2) Tag cross reference - Misspelled word "Reflesh"
3) Screen Update Issue - Data not updating when screen is changed by PLC
4) Simulator – Wrong value is edited in the Data window after scrolling
5) Animation Bitmap - When an Animation Bitmap is converted from version 5.xx to version 6.xx the bitmap size increases
6) Multi-text Indicator - Cannot add a new message after deleting all 64 messages
7) Duplicate - Screen Duplicate from toolbar can only be carried out once
8) Call Alarm Screen and Alarm List - Confirm Button will be disabled abnormally after sorting
9) Error GUI-122: Failed to create runtime file - occurs after adding more than 256 Trigger tags to the Event Manager and downloading
10) An Empty Group was created causing Error - Encountered an improper argument

Version: 6.20
New Features

1) New PLC Protocol Drivers
a. GE Ethernet SRTP for the GE Series 90/30 Rx3i controllers
b. Allen-Bradley Micro800 Ethernet/IP Client Tag-Based
c. Allen-Bradley Micro800 Serial Tag Based

2) Improvements to Ethernet Browsing & Setup
3) Jump to Background Screen Right-Click menu selection
4) Screen Navigation Tools
5) Object Alignment Tools
6) Dot Grid Option
7) Duplicate Objects
8) Duplicate Screens
9) Object State Changer
10) Boot/Storage Options

1) Event Manager – Improved Add FTP Action and Add Email Action references to Message and Alarm logs
2) Multi-State Text Indicator - message configuration window support right click or shortcut key copy, paste insert and delete messages
3) Increased Siemen’s s7 address ranges
4) Updated “L5KPreDefine_Template.txt” file to include all of the latest Datatypes from Allen Bradley

Bug Fixes

1) Bar Meter - Meter Image has a border not previously seen in 2.78 and 5.12
2) Showing Log Device Warning on Startup even though all logging events are disabled
3) Math Error when using Allen Bradley MicroLogix DF1 protocol and T or C data types in Math Event
4) Indicator with Gradient setting has white border
5) Event Trigger Day and Time - Repeats when Repeat is disabled
6) Project not starting from SD1
7) Alarm Banner Font Size changes when converting from 2.78 to 6.xx if Default Font is Classic

1) User Defined Keypads are not visible under Define Keypad
2) Tag Database allows selection memory types that are incompatible with the tag data type when the device is CLICK Ethernet
3) Save Project required when transferring to Panel even though no changes were made
4) ADC Productivity Tag CSV file import fails to import new tags
5) Recipe Button - Numeric Tags are displayed as Discrete in Recipe Table
6) Drag and Drop Screens sometimes drops screen I the wrong place when there are many screens

Version: 6.15
Bug Fixes

Recovery Tool
1) Recover Tool does not recover EA9-T12CL and EA9-T15CL – “No System Found” is displayed

1) Recipe Button doesn't write PLC using Multiple Source

Recipe option
2) Recipe Sheet and Recipe Button with Multisource Recipe do not work with two Devices configured
3) Recipe sheet with only one column does not write data to the Device Tag

1) Alarm History clears on power cycle

PLC Driver
1) Productivity Ethernet driver: Objects not displaying the correct data from the PLC Registers

Version: 6.14
New Feature
1) Supports AutomationDirect CLICK Ethernet

1) Add RTE-130 Warning when the project resides on SD1 and SD1 is removed, causing project to stop running.

Bug fixes
1) AB L5K Import - The software does not import TIMER data type tags that are within User Defined structures
2) Remote Access - Domain Name cannot be entered for IP Address
3) Address Book Export doesn’t allow ; or ] character in path name.
4) Language Export with Multistate Text Indicator missing rows
5) Cascade Mode does not close screens properly
6) File Save dialog opens after transferring a .epp project.
7) Import Array Element limit is ignored, it is importing all array elements.
8) Project Data Import Causes 30,000 Tag Limit to be exceeded in error
9) Position of grouped objects can’t be set with Properties List
10) An incorrect IP address entered in the Remote Link List in Ethernet Connection Setup, causes software to crash
11) [Tool Option, Event Manager Database, Message Database] Color Palette selection is not displayed properly
12) [Tag Name Database]Cannot Fill Down Floating Pt Tag DF (CLICK protocol) in Tag Name Database.
13) Russian language characters do not display properly in the project workspace
14) SYS BUILTIN DRAM not released after TCP connections close
15) Thumbwheel popup window configured to use Style1 keypad doesn’t display the keypad with the proper frame style.
16) Numeric Entry configured for Signed int 32, "2147483648" is changed to "-2147483648"
17) Event Email causes DRAM memory leak.
18) Recipe Sheet - Recipe Name Tag ASCII (Byte Swap) has no effect when called from Recipe Button
19) Recipe Sheet – When a cell is designated for Tag Type but no Tag is configured, the wrong row is loaded by Recipe Button
20) Do-more driver: reporting errors incorrectly
21) DH-485: Does not work with older Allen Bradley PLCs (SLC500 and SLC5/01)
22) Message Box doesn't size properly for a 6" panel
23) SD1 logging can cause DRAM memory leak.
24) Unable to download Remote Access client on slow network link
25) EA-RUN.exe encountered a serious error and must shut down due to Analog Meter cache memory.
26) Objects behind a Call Alarm Screen Button can't be activated

Version: 6.13
1) Watch Dog Timer and CPU clock synchronization improvements to eliminate Watch Dog Timeouts (Blinking Red CPU LED) during unusual CPU clock update

Bug fixes
2) Increment Hour quickly causes panel to lockup
2) Starting Simulator (EA-Run.exe) when existing Simulator is running with Numeric Entry Keypad open causes simulator exception error
3) Browse Ethernet Connection: When pressing CTRL key and "Browse Network" button, software should use IP address of current Network Interface selected
4) Grouped Object is sometimes identified incorrectly in the Object Layer List
5) System Reserved Name can be used to identify elements within the C-more project.
6) Numeric Entry Keypad Preview - Always shows Integer Keypad
7) Embedded Tag is replaced importing project data to a project that already contains the embedded tag.
8) When opening a very large epp (EA7) file, EA9 tool crashes.
9) When transferring a project to External Memory Device, Project Panel Type uses EA7 name
10) The boxes for Min, Max are blank on numeric entry popup keypad.(including the text)
11) Email Body was 400 characters. In 6.x it is limited to 256 characters
12) Dynamic Text object- A Discrete Trigger tag configured to show text when OFF doesn't work properly
13) csv filenames no longer allow the dot character
14) Tag names beginning with "SYS" (no space) are not allowed in ver 6.0, 6.10 and 6.11
15) Large Keypads at VGA resolution don’t display properly
16) Beep behavior is different between EA7 and EA9
17) When writing large amounts of Log data, a Memory Leak happens in the MRAM.
18) Alarm continues to display in Alarm Banner even when associated bit in Event Manager is disabled
19) User Defined Keypads do not resize when panel size is changed in the software, and the project will cause the panel to lockup.
20) Remote Access: Remote Connection field IP address (%IP2%) does not show up in Web Server
21) Rollback changes made to buffer code for Remote Access

Version: 6.12
When a version 6.0, 6.1 or 6.11 project is:
1. read out of a panel AND
2. the Event Manager includes only Day&Time and/or Screen Change type events, then
the events are Disabled in the Event Manager

Version: 6.11
This release fixes a problem when importing the CLICK Nickname database. In versions 6.0 and 6.1, importing the CLICK Nickname database using the Tagname Database Import utility causes the DataCount to be set incorrectly, resulting in data inadvertently being overwritten.

Version: V6.10
Bug fixes
1) Multi-State Bitmap/Text objects do not appear to work with BCD
2) Event Trigger Tag using Floating Point Data type in ver 5.12 is not compatible with ver 6.0
3) Popup Window Frame configured with hide setting causes screen update issues.
4) Numeric Entry does not allow Allen Bradley DF1 T4:0.PRE data type
5) Omron - Cannot Create Discrete Tags using Bits with Datatypes A,H, IO, W
6) Siemens S7-200 (Serial:PPI), Memory Type in Ascii String isn't indicated.
7) Keypad for floating point Numeric Entry objects is incorrect
8) When one character of embedded tag is erased, an error is displayed.
9) For ECOM driver, Fill Down in the Tag Name Database for Floating PT32 is one step instead
of two steps.
10) Corrects a display problem with Print Preview
11) Hover over Tagnames in Dialogs does not show PLC Address
12) Do-more Ethernet, mixed Memory Type and Flag in the Tag name Database
13) Fixes an error in Bit range of I and O Memory Type for Allen Bradley drivers.
14) Typo in Print window
15) Undo buffer is Not initialized after Project conversion
16) Only 1 Recipe sheet is imported when importing project data
17) In the Object Layer List, when a child element of a group is selected, focus moves to the
head of the group.
18) Screen Name (Screen -> Detail) is sorted on uppercase and lowercase.
19) When switching quickly between Object tab and Library tab, the Object List doesn’t display
20) In the Object Layer List, when Ungroup is selected on one tab, the group status isn’t
updated on other tabs.
21) Panel (Event Manager and/or screen) requests wrong start address for block read.

Version: V6.00
Version 6.0 affects software directly, rather than firmware
Version 6.0 introduces a fresh new look including the following improvements and new features:
1) Math action in Event Manager
2) Tag Combination event types in Event Manager
3) Call Recipe sheet improvements include:
a. Recipe Name column is now editable on the panel
b. New runtime options are configurable to be available to the Operator from the C-more
i. Add or delete recipes
ii. Read recipe values from the PLC
4) New Alarm List object replaces the Alarm Message object
a. New Alarm List Object allows for custom Alarm List, Alarm History, and Alarm Count views.
b. Alarm status can be color coded to help operators quickly interpret the status for each
c. Active and Confirmation icons also help operators interpret the status of alarms.
d. Sorting alarms on the panel based on column header is now possible
5) New powerful database filter tool to help edit project databases
6) New Object Layer Tool allows you to lock/unlock, hide/unhide objects or quickly select them for
a. The Object Layer List also allows you to access individual objects in a group without
ungrouping and has additional lists for hidden, locked or overlapping objects
Bug Fix
7) Improved handling messages from Hydravision Desktop Manager, Catalyst Control Center.

Version: V5.12
There are a variety of bug fixes, please refer to the Readme

Version: V5.0
Initial release.
This version supports C-more EA9 series touch panels